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Digital Wireless Rotary Telemetry
---Dependable Data Retrieval from Rotating Sensors
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Motors/Generators, Wind, Hydro
Accumetrics provides condition monitoring of rotors in brushless exciter, synchronous large motors and generators.
. Maximize throughput, safe operation, reliability, and maintainability.
. Eliminate slip rings via EMI resistant digital telemetry measurements
. Earth /ground fault resistance, temperature (RTD, thermocouple, and V/I), field voltage, torque and vibration.

Automotive and Rail Transport
Torque and other sensor data can be dependably recorded with battery powered aramid fiber strap mounted systems, or through the use of inductively powered 12 or 16 bit telemetry systems 
. Measure torque through strain gauges on existing driveshafts.
. Precisely wirelessly measure multi- channel strain, pressure, & temperature.
. Monitor driveshaft torque, transmission telemetry, and NVH noise and vibration.
. Monitor wheel and axle stress through multichannel wheel force telemetry.

Vibration, temperatures, and torque can all be wireless transmitted off shaft without the use of slip rings. 

Accumetrics provides dynamic torsional vibration, brake temperature, and high speed shaft torque measurement digital telemetry for rocket, aircraft engine, aircraft braking and other applications.

Retrieve high bandwidth torque and vibration data from Marine driveshafts regardless of high EMI.

Accumetrics has supplied torque and vibration digital telemetry systems for use on new designs of electric drive ships, as well as for conventional diesel propulsion.

Applications include shaft torque, delivered horsepower, fuel efficiency monitoring, and multichannel vibration monitoring, and engine torque and temperature monitoring.