Accutector Rotor Ground Fault Monitor | AT-9000

Ground Fault and Temperature Monitoring for Synchronous Generators

Accutector Ground Fault Monitoring System Model AT-9000 is an ideal ground fault monitoring system for generators and large motors. It detects insulation faults, allows for trend analysis with continuous insulation resistance measurement, and enables scheduling of repairs during low-demand periods to minimize downtime. Temperature monitoring helps identify thermal limitations and facilitates quicker starts. Location factor measurement provides location information for insulation faults. It can be easily installed on existing machines, replacing the obsolete Rotector AS-9000. Upgraded features include improved diagnostics, USB port, and user-friendly software for configuration and data collection.


  • Continuous Insulation Resistance Measurement
    • Detect trends and identify insulation faults before they lead to catastrophic failure
    • Schedule repairs during low-demand periods, reducing the impact of maintenance
  • Temperature Monitoring
    • Monitor thermally limiting areas to prevent potential failures
    • Enable earlier initiation of starts based on real-time feedback
  • Location Factor Measurement
    • Identify the location of single insulation faults
    • Facilitate faster and more targeted repairs
  • Easy Installation and Compatibility
    • Installs with little to no shaft modification
    • Seamless replacement for the obsolete Rotector Model AS-9000


  • Rotor protection through condition-based maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance for large motors and generators