Battery Powered Telemetry System | AT‑5000 EasyApp

Directly Measure Torque on Rotating Shafts

AT-5000 battery powered telemetry systemThe Accumetrics' Battery Powered Telemetry System Model AT‑5000 EasyApp provides easy, dependable wireless measurements, including torque measurements, strain measurements, and more, from a rotating shaft. Measure torque live in real-time with this battery-powered, digital telemetry system. Featuring a low mounting profile and low power consumption, the system requires no shaft modifications and is fastened to the shaft using a single, sturdy aramid fiber strap. AT‑5000 EasyApp is an ideal non-contact data transmission solution for applications requiring easy installation and dependable data retrieval, even in high RPM applications.


  • Battery powered telemetry
  • Easily and safely secures to shaft with reusable aramid fiber strap
  • Small size, typically requires 3 in (76.2 mm) radial envelope
  • High data integrity and noise immunity
  • Low power transmitter provides longer battery life
  • Two systems (Channel A and B) can be used side-by-side for multi-channel requirements
  • Manual shunt calibration invoked at transmitter

Typical Applications

  • Torque testing for half-shafts / propshafts and driveshafts
  • Replacement of slip rings and in-line torque transducers
  • Torsional strain testing
  • RTD temperature measurement
  • Voltage measurement
  • Measuring data on high RPM shafts

Transmit True Torque Data

The Battery Powered Telemetry System Model AT-5000 EasyApp utilizes a small battery powered transmitter mounted using an aramid fiber strap to directly measure, digitize, and transmit true torque data from rotating half-shafts, driveshafts, and rotors of all sizes and speeds. The system is also used for temperature, voltage, and acceleration sensing.

The AT-5000 EasyApp uses a long-life lithium battery to excite a strain gage and to power the AT-5000 telemetry electronics on the rotating shaft. The small signal resulting from torque applied to the shaft is amplified, anti-alias filtered, and digitized (typically at 11,718 samples per second). The digital data is reliably RF transmitted off the rotating shaft to a nearby pickup coil, which is connected to a receiver. The receiver converts the digital data to an analog voltage output (adjustable from 0 ± 1.0 to ± 10 volts). This DC to 1 kHz (or optionally higher) bandwidth voltage output can be fed directly to a data acquisition system, FFT analyzer, or an oscilloscope.

AT-5000 Transmitter and P/U coilAT-5000 ReceiverAT-5000 Receiver
AT-5000 Transmitter for
> 0.9"/22.86 mm Diameters
AT-5000 Transmitter for
> 2.0"/50.8 mm Diameters 
AT-5000 Transmitter for
> 8.0"/203.2 mm Diameters


Transmitter Modules - Sampling Rate / Typical Bandwidth
Channel A Transmitter7812 samples per second; DC to 1.2 kHz frequency response; 4 MHz transmitter
Channel B Transmitter11,718 samples per second; DC to 1.2 kHz frequency response (DC to 5 kHz available); 6 MHz transmitter frequency. (Channel A and B units can be co-located for 2-channel use.)
Transmitter Module [1]
Non-linearity<0.1% of full scale (typical)
Digital Resolution12-bit (0.025% of full scale)
Gain Drift100 PPM/°C typical, exclusive of external gain resistor
Offset Drift0.7 μV/°C typical (0 85 °C)
BandwidthDC to 1.2 kHz (up to 5 kHz bandwidth available; AC coupling also available)
PowerTypically <4 mA current draw from 3.6 V battery, excluding sensor excitation
Temperature-40 to 185 °F (-40 to 85 °C) High Temperature option is available
Battery Voltage3.6 V open circuit; 3.4 V loaded. Low battery indication is transmitted to receiver at approximately 2.7 V.
Bridge Excitation2/3 length AA. Single use Lithium battery. Note: Non-rechargeable batteries. Do not store or use in applications with exposure to >302 °F (150 °C) temperatures.
Battery Life95 hours for 1000 Ω and 75 hours for 350 Ω strain gages, continuous use
Power12 V nominal (9 to 18 VDC) Optional AC power supply 90-240 VAC, 12 VDC output
Output Range. Signals, & Adjustments±10 volts. Output gain can be adjusted to allow lower outputs (i.e. 5 V). (RSSI) Received Signal Strength Indicator -2 V to +4 V (antenna signal strength). Zero adjust, Gain adjust, and Unipolar/Bipolar output selection.
Dimensions (H x W x D)NEMA style box: 3 x 6 x 4.25 in (76.20 x 152.40 x 107.45 mm)
Temperature32 to 125 °F (0 to 50 °C)
Pickup Coil Choices
Flexible Loop24 in (610 mm) ID includes 10 ft cable to receiver
Rigid Brass LoopRugged 1/4 in brass loop. 1.25 in x 1.61 in x 2.94 in phenolic base. Includes 10 ft cable to receiver.
Transmitter Modules - Sensor Inputs
Full Bridge Strain GageIncluding other bridge-style transducers, including pressure transducers, resistive accelerometers, load cells, torque transducers, etc.
TemperatureType K thermocouple is standard. Standard range is -58 to -750 °F (-50 to 400 °C). RTD sensors can also be used; contact Accumetrics.
Voltage0 to 100 mV; external voltage divider can be provided for high voltage measurement.
Up to 2700 V measure with optional external dropping resistor
Transmitter for > 0.9 in (22.86 mm) Diameters
Transmitter for (22.86 mm) DiametersRadial Height0.78 in to 0.87 in (19.80 mm to 22.10 mm)
Axial Length2.0 in (50.80 mm)
Weight0.185 lb (0.085 kg)
Transmitter for > 2.0 in (50.8 mm) Diameters
Transmitter for (50.8 mm) DiametersRadial Height0.67 in to 0.76 in (17.00 mm to 19.30 mm)
Axial Length2.0 in (50.80 mm)
Weight0.152 lb (0.067 kg)
Transmitter for > 8.0 in (203.2 mm) Diameters
Transmitter for (203.2 mm) DiametersRadial Height1.0 in to 1.1 in max (25.40 mm to 27.95 mm)
Axial Length2.0 in (50.80 mm)
Weight0.233 lb (0.11 kg)