Rotating Shaft Telemetry Applications

Single Channel Measurement Telemetry

Single channel telemetry systems are designed to transmit measurements off of rotating shafts, and can be applied in a wide variety of applications. Whether as a part of prototype testing, performance optimization testing, acceptance testing, or as part of a control systems in a product or manufacturing process, Accumetrics' single channel wireless telemetry systems are a durable alternative to slip rings and in-line torque transducers. They can help measure strain, torque, RTD temperature, and voltage, on rotating shafts and provide torsional vibration monitoring.

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Accu Application Aerospace High RPM

Aerospace High RPM Shaft Torque Measurement

  • Measure blade strain or shaft torque in flight
  • Make force measurements on aircraft propellers
  • Stress and temperature testing on aircraft wheel and brake systems
  • Torque measurements on aircraft engines during take-off

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Accu Application Agriculture

Agricultural Equipment Torque Measurements

Continuously monitor power take off (PTO) torque in the field to determine the power delivered to the PTO shaft. Use these real-world physical results to prove out theoretical designs and improve power efficiency and fuel economy for agricultural machinery. Make torque measurements on tractors, combine harvesters, or other agricultural equipment.


Automotive and Other Vehicle Measurements

Directly measure actual dynomometer-like torque data on axles and driveshafts in vehicles, including automobiles, ATVs, and racing vehicles. Simultaneously display the data in vehicle and record for future processing with standard data acquisition systems. Fast sampling allows fast phenomena such as piston firing, gear mesh, and wheel skip/driveshaft wind-up torque spikes to be captured and analyzed.

  • Monitor torque on clutch assembly
  • Torque and power measurements on driveshafts and half-shafts
  • Non-contact torque or strain measurements on vehicle drivetrain
  • Support NVH development: Correlate passenger compartment moan noise to driveshaft torque
  • Determine torque spikes (for example, during piston firing or clutch engagement), horsepower, fuel efficiency, and power consumption
  • Provide live data to understand engine performance
  • Accessory pulley torque measurements
  • Temperature and stress monitoring on braking components

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Accu Application Industrial

Industrial Drive Process Monitoring

Rolling mill shaft measurements: Continuously monitor torque or temperature on a rolling mills' main drive for optimization of the milling process. Achieve maximum throughput without damaging motors and shafts through this active process feedback and track statistical trends for predictive maintenance.

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Marine Torque Monitoring in High EMI Environments

  • Torque and power measurements on propulsion shafts
  • Propeller shaft vibration monitoring

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Accu Application Energy and Power Generation

Power Generation Telemetry Measurements

  • Generator shaft measurements
  • Wind turbine shaft torsion and bending moment measurement

Accu Application Railway

Railway Telemetry Measurements

  • Rail wheel or streetcar wheel measurements: understand stress levels under a variety of operating conditions
  • Torque, power, strain, and temperature measurements on railway wheel set, drive shafts, gear shafts, and engine shaft